Paleontology Internships

The Indiana Dinosaur Museum (IDM) seeks interns beginning in May 2019. IDM is a new organization founded in South Bend, IN by Mark Tarner.

Internships last one calendar year. Potential interns must be hard-working, reliable and eager to learn. Interns must be committed to working 40 hours per week.

Interns need an active interest and/or education in paleontology, geology and or museums.

Areas of work will include: field work and collection, fossil preparation, lab work, specimen curation and more.

The IDM’s museum is under construction so fossil mounting and display, exhibition construction and general museum set-up and organization will also be required.

Room and partial board on-site included.

Two positions are available: one unpaid internship and one more advanced paid internship. Positions mat result in full-time positions if interns excel at work.

If you’s like to apply for an internship, please send your resume or curriculum vitae, a letter of interest and availability to

All applications will be considered.